Itachi Mode

앨범명 Lake of Fire

Itachi Mode


I can’t goto sleep less
I’m off can
RIP to trust 97 man
How the fuck you know me
when my momma don’t
Get you cutty open
like a cantaloupe
2 peas in a pod just me and my 9
I need money lots
can’t fit parking lots
No I cannot stop
til I see you drop
My brothers is gone
I ain’t scared to die
Jheez bitch I pull-up finesse
and cut
Bitch we them yungins
from the block
Jheez bitch I put 5 grams in a
Smoking backwoods by the cart
Run the money split
the profit with my mans
Bitch its 2019 the fuck
we don’t use no hands
Ball for Moe these shoes
right here cost me 2 bands
Yg load the gat
and do his fucking dance


Itachi Mode
Paul Blanco
Paul Blanco
Paul Blanco
랩/힙합, 인디음악

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